About Handbag Hooks

The handbag hook is fast becoming a woman's best friend. Imagine this situation:

You are at a classy dinner party, and everyone is seated around several, gorgeously-decorated dinner tables. Great music is played, the night is perfect. Suddenly you realise that the most coveted designer handbag of the evening (the one you so proudly have in your hands) is the kind that should be on display but would be much too obtrusive to place on the table beside you. Balancing it on your lap is not an option either. You're wearing a gown, for crying out loud!

So what's a girl to do? You pull out your handbag hook, and the hassle takes care of itself.

Handbag hooks, also known as handbag hangers or just plain baghooks, are fashion accessories that allow a woman to hang her handbag just about anywhere. As long as there is a flat surface to hold the handbag hook in place, a woman would no longer have to face the age-old dilemma such as the one being described above.

Handbag hooks are also useful for personal security. Many women prefer to just hang their bags over their seats, especially in fast food restaurants. This makes it a whole lot easier for the person right behind them to slip a hand inside their handbags unnoticed.

Handbag hooks are usually made of steel and are embroidered with lavish designs and other jewelries for fashion's sake. The basic handbag hook design is the hanger itself, which has a circular rubber pad attached that is used to clasp the handbag hook against a flat surface. Most handbag hook manufacturers use the space on the circular pad to give their products that added elegance or personal touch through embellishments.

A good handbag hook can carry a bag as heavy as 10-12 lbs (5-6kgs). A few top manufacturers, however, produce handbag hooks that can accommodate more than that.

There are still a few women nowadays who find the use of handbag hooks rather pretentious, especially in public places. But think about all the benefits of using a handbag hook. Better yet, think about all the benefits of keeping your private things private.

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